Publications Honor Gates’s Legacy with Obituary Plaques

William Henry Gates II, father of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, passed away on Sep 14, 2020. During his lifetime, Gates was a high-profile attorney, an author, a veteran, and a renowned philanthropist. Several of our partners, including The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, and The Oregonian, have chosen to remember his legacy with obituary features and memorial plaques.

Keepsake Plaques Commemorate Gates’s Story

Many of the newspapers we partner with offer tokens of remembrance—such as metal bookmarks and profile plaques—along with each obituary purchase. Gates was honored in a similar fashion. Following his death, news publications across the country ordered obituary plaques detailing his life and philanthropy. These keepsakes will be distributed to individuals and foundations affected by Gates’s passing.

Gifts of Remembrance Add Value and Preserve Family History

Obituary keepsakes benefit both readers and news organizations alike. These unique offerings help publications build relationships with their readers by extending comfort during difficult times. In fact, obituary keepsakes offer a number of advantages, including: 

  • Adding value to obituary purchases
  • Preserving family history 
  • Allowing publications to offer condolences
  • Building goodwill and trust

Memorial bookmarks and plaques give readers something to hold on to, adding an extra dimension of value to traditional obituary offerings. These permanent tokens of remembrance help preserve the stories of those we’ve lost for years to come.