Did you know that we can finish your plaques with gold, white, silver, or black edges? Here are three ways that you can use these custom colors to enhance your plaques and awards. 

  1. Use color to differentiate award levels.

Do you have award categories like finalists, top 5, winners, and runners-up? If so, consider distinguishing your plaque designs with different edge colors. Your winners will love “getting the gold!”

  1. Choose an edge color that accentuates your design.

Unique edge colors can make the artwork on your plaque pop. For example, you can coordinate cool color schemes with silver and warm palettes with gold. You can also frame white awards with dramatic black edges–or vice versa. Check out our gallery for some inspiring ideas.

  1. Let your winners customize their plaques.

Giving your customers the opportunity to choose their favorite edge color will deepen their connection to the product. Your customers will love having the option to personalize their plaque designs.