Crystal award plaques help winners celebrate in style.

Displaying Your Brand for Years to Come

Receiving a recognition award means a lot to winners. For many, this distinction marks an important milestone in their professional journeys. Your winners will love to see their achivements showcased on a striking crystal award. Many will proudly display these crystal keepsakes for years to come.


Crystal Plaques Offer Unique Beauty

With beveled edges and a glossy finish, our crystal glass plaques add an extra dimension of beauty to your recognition awards. These plaques ship ready to hang or stand on a tabletop, allowing your winners to waste no time in displaying their achievements. Striking and sophisticated, crystal plaques make for a timeless memento that your readers will cherish for years to come.

Brilliant Printing Makes Award Designs Pop

At PopMount, we print using high resolution, full-color UV inks. This means that, when designing your awards, you won’t have to limit your color range or your level of detail. Feel free to get creative by adding photos, illustrations, and textures as you see fit. Your design will look remarkable on our crystal plaques.