A Modern Addition to Your Award Store

Digital badges are small tokens of recognition that can be displayed in various places online. Like physical award plaques, badges let winners showcase their accomplishments. Here are a few reasons why we recommend adding digital badges to your NewsKeepsake store.

Displaying Success in a Virtual World

These days, more and more individuals are choosing to conduct their business online. Even brick and mortar venues like restaurants and retail stores are going virtual. Digital badges give your winners an opportunity to communicate their credibility to clients they may not meet face-to-face. Next time you name your best workplaces, reader’s choice, top lawyers, or 40 under 40 winners, consider the benefits that digital badges can provide.

Winners Value Versatility

Unlike physical awards, digital badges aren’t fixed in one place. Your winners will be able to integrate their badges on a variety of sites and platforms, using them for purposes like:

• Email signatures

• Social media promotions

• Blog and web content

Our designers at PopMount can also customize each badge with your winner’s name and achievement category, adding extra value to these versatile awards. 

Their Award, Your Brand

Easy to display and share, digital badges offer unique value to both you and your winners. When you add these badges to your NewsKeepsake, you’ll increase your impact by reaching new audiences all across the web. Winners will proudly display your branded badges on emails, websites, and more.

Contact Us to Learn More

Interested in adding a digital badge to your store? Email us to learn more about this award offering. We look forward to working with you.