Congratulations, you’ve announced your Best of award winners. Now how do you help your winners leverage their awards to promote their business properly?

Show Your Winners How To Share Their Good News

Provide the resources to encourage your winners to share their good news and help them build relationships with their customers.

How Should They Share:

  • Social Media: They can share a photo their awards or them receiving their award with their users.
  • Their Website: Provide an award badge from your publication that they can predominately display on their website.
  • Inside Their Location(s): Create a physical award that they can proudly displayed in their organization.
  • Outside Of Their Business: Offer them banners or window clings that they can display to people passing by their physical location.

The study further examined what these respondents anticipated paying for a print or online obituary. The study found obituary prices were 13% higher than customers expected in small markets and as much as 90% higher than anticipated in large or national markets.

So, with the need to increase revenue year over year, how can newspapers increase their obituary close rates?

2. Commemorative Awards Build Trust

As a publication, it is easy for you to help other organizations prove they are credible. Partner with PopMount to sell best of awards, customer profiles, advertorials, covers, and articles featuring business in your local community. They will pay to display their good news.

3. Validation

It isn’t just about the organization that wins the award from your publication. Remind your award winners that this is a powerful way to validate employees’ individual work.

If an award doesn’t include an employee’s name, suggest they include it in social posts or press releases. This shows employees that you appreciate their hard work and encourages them to produce great work that could result in future awards. They may even win a Top Work Places Award.

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